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Thread: documentary on hacking and cybercrime

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    documentary on hacking and cybercrime

    thought this would be interesting to some of you -

    i'm doing some work with mcafee on their "Stop H*Commerce" web documentary on h*commerce (or "hacking commerce") and cybercrime, directed by Seth Gordon of "The King of Kong" fame. it gives insight on the strategies some hackers use to exploit people for profit (identity theft, 419 cams, spear phishing, bank scraping, blue jacking, war driving, DDOS attacks, etc...)

    you can check out the trailer here and the whole series at

    what do you guys think?

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    I saw a trailer a month or so back - I am looking forward to seeing this.
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    I've seen the trailer as well, and it looks interesting.
    My concern is that it is funded by Macafee, which we all know produces their own line of computer security products. Will H*Commerce be a load of propaganda to promote MAcafee's products or will it be impartial and simply educational about the mentality and methods of criminals on the electronic frontier?

    Wait and see.
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    All six episodes of the series are up at

    Did you guys get to watch the whole thing? What'd you think?


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