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Thread: Started work on my website again, have a question!

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    website is seriously lacking
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    Quote Originally Posted by UnusuallyGenius View Post
    website is seriously lacking
    Can you be more specific. If you mean content, then of course its lacking, its just a template, no info has been put in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PaulF View Post
    There is a "way" but you need to program it and it's not necessarily easy. Going the javascript route would require you to do things one of two hacky ways. You could use AJAX, download the mp3car page to memory, parse the tags you want and play with how to output them using the likes of innerHTML or the proper DOM functions.

    You could also do something pretty cool with it in a hacky way that may be more reliable. You can make a hidden IFrame load the mp3car thread and then use javascript to do something like this:

    <body onload="document.body.innerHTML = document.getElementById("IframeNameHere").body.innerHTML;">
    Assuming I got my syntax right, that would copy everything from the body of the iframe to the body of the page you're coding and remove everything from the body of the page you're coding. To keep it whats already in the body, you could concatenate instead like so:
    <body onload="document.body.innerHTML += document.getElementById("IframeNameHere").body.innerHTML;">
    Easiest way is curl. Seriously.

    Use a php page, curl the mp3car worklog. Then use php string parsing to get your posts, and put into a html code variable that would be displayed first. Then take all posts that are not yours, and parse them into a "comment" section below or something.

    Much better than iframing.
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