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Thread: What aspect/s of your current car makes it feel cool to you and why ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by malcom2073 View Post
    The complete integration and automation of my current carpc really seals the deal for me. It just feels like a factory system, and to me that makes the car really fun to use.
    Quote Originally Posted by SjLucky View Post
    joe_p + Topless + 2100 lbs = Chubby Chaser...

    The terabyte in my console, custom in-dash touchscreen, custom center console and the fact I did it all by myself makes it cool to me and given the fact I'm the only one in 90 miles with a rolling computer just adds to it.

    What both of you guys said Having it feel like its a factory integrated computer is excellent. Doing it urself gives u a huge sense of accomplishment. I'm still showing off to all my friends in houston :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiJackZX1 View Post
    LOL, That was random unless I'm missing the point!
    It's just one of an endless series of jokes about Miata drivers. Makes it all the more fun when a kid / recent retiree pulls up next to you in their stock Corvette / Boxster / Camaro / 911 / Mustang / Charger and revs the motor. (I've learned to just let the Supra owners have their win. Those bastards are crazier than we are when it comes to boost.)

    Personally, I find the whole situation ironically amusing. Kinda the same as when I drove a '71 VW Beetle with a turbocharged 914 engine in it. If someone driving a musclecar beats a Miata / Beetle in a stoplight drag, they're going to sound a tad silly bragging to their friends about it. On the other hand, if they are soundly beaten by a sleeper Miata / Beetle, well, you pretty much have to commit suicide at that point.

    I just love it when, after said exhibition, the driver pulls back up next to me and asks "what kind of engine do you have in that car?" (presumably expecting it to be sporting an LS1 conversion) to which I always reply "1.6 liter," omitting any mention of running it at 15 PSI. Or (from the ricer crowd, generally) "You got nawz in that thing?" which gets answered with a simple "No."

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    zippy little hatchback, and i look like a clown exiting from a clown car in it.
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    Cool Redneck Mobile.

    33x12.50r17 and no lift yet 35s coming in winter. 360 cubic inches of gas sucking V8. The only truck (or car) in town with a full computer. And best of all I got the title - IT'S MINE! And go ahead and open a can of haterade IT'S A DODGE RAM
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    coolest part is the AC, and I havent even had it recharged (8-9 years old now).

    (I thought E would go for this one, so I had to chime in first )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    nah, I just leave the windows open, that makes it kinda cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by joe_p View Post
    Topless, 2,100 lbs, 240 HP at the wheels, RWD w/ LSD, and just enough tire to put it all to good use.

    Do I have to explain why?
    Built with a turbo?

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    OHHH, I forgot one major important thing that makes my ride cool. You can flip the middle row forward and sit in the third row and watch porn and have enough room to stretch out and handle your business....
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