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Thread: Win 98 Home Network Problems

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    Angry Win 98 Home Network Problems

    Hi Guys :-)

    I was hoping some of you guys might be able to help me. On my home network, consisting of a linksys 4 port router/switch (connected to a cable modem), I have my computer and my roomates. Both computers are running Win 98 SE.

    A few weeks ago, my roomies comp lost all ablilty to connect to the internet, even though file/print sharing are still running strong. I checked the dhcp clients table on the router, and my roomates computer will be there one second, refresh, and then its gone. I ran winipcfg on his computer, (all the settings are quite wrong) I tried releasing, it said that it was already released, and then I tried renewing, and I got this error: "Error; Access Denied: Renewing Adapter "" " I tried searching on google, but the closest I could come was some people with the same problems, only in a win 2k/ xp area, which didn't help :-) Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks guys
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    #1 Do you see LED activity on front of router for the corresponing port to his computer?

    #2 Move to another port on router or swap CAT5 cables. Use your CAT5 on his computer ( since yours is working )

    #3 I would double check NIC settings.
    Auto DHCP, Auto DNS etc.

    sidenote. Sounds like maybe the NIC has took a dive, would maybe explain its MAC disappearing.

    #4 Look into dumping TCP/IP and reinstalling or just reinstalling the NIC

    #5 Unplug and curse the router and computer for 5 minutes and plug back in. GUARANTEED NOT TO WORK BUT IT HELPS YOU OUT!

    Unless you changed default settings in router look for a 192.168 IP address

    Good Luck
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    Try swapping nic's.... see what happens...

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    he probably delete some file of a spyware and mess up all ur network config(it happened to a friend of mine)
    re-instal win98


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