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Thread: Getting lots of trojans hits on this site now

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    Just out of curiosity what exactly is happening? Is someone injecting a virus, trojan, etc. into the site and is this forum that vulnerable to attacks seeing that this just happened a few days ago? Ironically, "forum attacks" will be discussed in my class next week.

    EDIT: All is calm now
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    Avast is all happy now. Thanks folks!
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    Just to give everybody an update. After a couple of weeks of us digging through our server files and our hosts poking through the server install we're pretty sure we patched the security hole this morning.

    It turned out it was a vbulletin flaw that was discovered a couple of days ago.

    There were 3 separate incidents within the past 18 days. The first one we caught pretty quickly, the second one we didn't . The third one we caught pretty quickly, thanks to your malware reports.

    So, thanks again to everybody who reported the malware. In the next few days we're cleaning some old forum software that's not in use, making sure everything else is up to date. We'll also be doing some server security and forum security audits to make sure we have everything else patched up.

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