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Thread: World Cup 2010 - South Africa

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    World Cup 2010 - South Africa

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    Nobody on this side of the pond cares about football...

    I have one friend from Mexico that I talk to about it, but everyone else doesnt even know the World Cup is this year let alone where it is.
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    I know a bunch of Americans that know a lot about the game, but they're all from my kids soccer practice! I'm a big fan, and my daughter is a great player. I just bought her Brazil's complete outfit for her soccer practice (but she has a bunch of club jerseys too) and she loved it!

    Can't wait. I usually watch all games, even those obscure teams. Daughter is not much into watching on tv though. Hope 3D will change that? (Games are going to be filmed on 3d, but not broadcast on 3d, to be released after it's all over).

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    Oh god, I live with 3 varsity soccer players at school, this is the last thing I need to hear about!

    Lots of people care about soccer / "football"

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    Too close to home

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    I'm a huge fan. Maybe its the fact I'm from Ireland. But I'm in TX now

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