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Thread: UPS... why do I even try?

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    UPS... why do I even try?

    So, I'm going back and forth, yet again, with my favorite delivery service, UPS. I cringe every time I order something and I'm not given another carrier option. The reason behind this is simple; in all the places I've ever lived, I have never, not one single time, actually received a package from UPS when I was supposed to, or that wasn't damaged, or that simply didn't vanish off the face of the Earth. Not ONE!!! And I order a LOT of items that end up coming from them.

    The latest episode of Me vs. Brown UPS Ninja, started with a simple order of a 2gb memory stick for a desktop computer. I only had the choice of UPS shipping, didn't want to wait two weeks for them to actually deliver it, so I paid for over night shipping. The item left Newegg at 11am that day, was received by UPS, as an over night package, on Monday, the 24th. Scheduled delivery for that overnight package? Friday, the 28th. Obviously my idea of 'overnight' and UPS' idea of 'overnight' are two, completely different things.

    So I call up UPS and tell them that the status is showing as 5 days, only shipping one state away, and is supposed to be overnight shipping. They assure me that they'll get it changed. Tuesday night, it's still slated for delivery Friday and never arrived. Wednesday I call them up and they say that they, yet again, will take care of it. Wednesday afternoon, it's changed from 'overnight shipping' to normal 'Ground' service. Well... technically... yeah, I guess they took care of the overnight issue, so I call them up again. I have to contact the seller to be refunded for the overnight shipping charges, and it's still scheduled for delivery on Friday.

    Friday get's here, with UPS ALWAYS running in the afternoon, so I run to the store at 10:45 in the morning, grab a pack of smokes and a Mt. Dew, and return home at 11:05 to a delivery attempt notice. Great... thanks for that you Brown Ninja! Were you hiding in the holly bush beside my door, waiting on me to leave, as you have multiple times in the past?!?!?! So I give them a call about picking it up at the depot that evening, which would have to be after 7pm, when the drivers are all returned. Oh?!?! What's that you say?!?! It's Friday and I cannot pick up my package this evening as everyone will be gone before the drivers return to dump their trucks? Fine... redeliver it Tuesday... I'll work from home yet another day.

    So, here I sit on Tuesday, with my camera pointed out the front door, ready to alert me via motion sensor when it see's the Brown UPS Ninja pull in. I have to do this, as I've recorded two separate drivers in the past year getting out of their trucks, sneaking up to the door without my package(s), gently putting up the "Attempted Delivery Notice" they already had filled out, and then getting the heck outta Dodge, without even so much as a courtesy knock. So the time arrives!!!!! The Brown UPS Ninja mobile pulls in front of my apt, and I bound down the steps!

    I yank open the door, and do a spinning back-flip, but the Brown UPS Ninja deftly dodged aside and countered with a flying "Attempted Delivery Notice". I blocked it with a Redneck Ninja "Judy Chop" (*see link below, thank you Diamond Dave!) and said a long string of words in what sounded like Japanese, which the floating subtitles translated as "So we finally meet face to face, Brown UPS Ninja." He replied with his own long string of words which the subtitles said was "I see your ninjitsu is strong... sign here." Then he distracted me by hurling my delivered package at my hands, and vanished in a cloud of brown smoke.

    Stunned, I go inside and look at my delivered package. It has tire tracks on it and holes poked in multiple places. Gently I open the packaging, fearing the norm... I mean... worse from UPS. Low but do I find that the memory stick is destroyed. Holes poked all the way through the stick itself, not just the retail packaging; chips knocked off and free floating inside the plastic, and dents that would make a demolition derby driver proud.

    Why do I expect anything more from a company, that in my entire life, at least once a month, has yet to get ANYTHING right?

    So... $50, plus shipping, wasted. I spent 20 minutes on the phone with Newegg, who had me send them the pictures above, say I have to wait at least 5 days for them to file a complaint with UPS, THEN they'll give me an RMA number, where I pay to ship this memory stick back, more money out of my pocket, and THEN... when they receive the one I have now, they'll ship me a replacement. Unfortunately, through UPS... again... so we can start this business a new... That's a week already wasted, plus at least two more... for a memory stick... So... This isn't over, Brown UPS Ninja... until next time!

    Does it count as a rant if it's the truth? /shrug... /end rant?

    * Link for Judy Chop [media][/media]


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    That's bull****. I hate how there's not really anything we can do about horrible service like this! I hate how you still have to pay them to ship it back and hope they get it right the next time around!

    God, I hate UPS. One time, I did give them a credit card that was maxed out and I never paid the charge. I feel like I beat the system a little bit by doing that. It sort of makes me happy when I look back on it. And since I'll never be at that address again, there's no worries.

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    Haha, brain fart made me read your SN as techno the rapist...

    Doesn't newegg use FedEx too?

    Try RevFE
    The best resurrected frontend I've ever used, period.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder View Post
    Haha, brain fart made me read your SN as techno the rapist...

    Doesn't newegg use FedEx too?
    LMAO! Ain't the first time, brother!

    They normally do offer FedEx, but it wasn't in the option list this time.


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    its kinda the point of the signature to make sure the box looks righteous before the ups guy leaves the scene....

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    Quote Originally Posted by trader007 View Post
    its kinda the point of the signature to make sure the box looks righteous before the ups guy leaves the scene....
    In all honesty, that was just an amusing part of the story. He didn't have me sign for it. Just knocked, laid it down, and was heading back to his truck when I opened the door and said thanks. Why couldn't they do that Friday?!?!

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