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Thread: homer has the best in-car system

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    homer has the best in-car system

    hah.. anyone see the simpsons tonight? (may 11) homer had it all

    deep fryer, light bright, heat lamp, fax, TV, VCR.. etc.. etc. etc.

    I just found that kind of funny.. he could hardly see out his front window.
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    leet warez doods get the series and episode numbers for me please. I'd like to see it

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    I saw that, had the tv muted because I was playing mew mp3's. I have ran a photo shop out of the truck of my wife's car at a family reunion. I ran my photoprinter off of an invertor and my wife and I alternated taking pictures of all the family and printing them off. I ran my cd burner off an invertor in my truck before and gave someone a copy of a cd. I had a job a few years back where I was a consultant and would drive to customer sites and do the work and leave. Pretty much lived out of a car then. I'm fixing up my truck to be able to do the same thing in case I ever get laid off my current job. All my gear is portable and I am working on 12v p.s. for each. I picked up a little hp portable printer up on ebay for $5 because the seller couldn't get it to work so I can print up invoices to customers. If I was single I would sell my house and buy an RV and travel to client sites as a independant consultant.

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    The moment I saw that I was thinking... that is me trying to get everything for the car: mp3s, gps, dvd, xm, etc
    I was lucky that my wife was not watching it, otherwise I would have been picked on.

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    I did get picked on!
    the moment homer was fryin chicken wings my girlfriend was like "Thats You In Your Stupid Truck!!"
    just a nation of two hundred million used car salesmen with all the money we need to buy guns and no qualms about killing anybody else in the world who tries to make us uncomfortable.

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    hahaha... my roomates turned to me and were like.. man.. that is soooo you.. minus the deepfryer of course

    i like how homer sent his SOS via fax.. lol
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