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Thread: Stupid $%!$*& eBay'ers.

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    Stupid $%!$*& eBay'ers.

    So, I just wanted to rant.

    A few months ago, I bought a new Sony A330 camera. It's great.

    A week or two after I bought it, I bought an SD card on eBay. It was a 32GB SDHC Class 6 card made by Transcend. $25 with free shipping out of Hong Kong. JUST after I completed the transaction, I got a letter from eBay saying there was an issue with the seller and that if I didn't receive the product or there was a problem, to let them know ASAP.
    I received it pretty much right on time, and plugged it into my camera. It's a 32GB card, shows room for like a million pictures. Perfect. I used it a bunch and everything worked great. I moved a bunch of pics off the card, onto my PC and it was fine....

    Finally, this weekend, I took a bit of a road trip, watched some drift racing and stayed over at a friend's place. I noticed one or two of the last drift pics I took had big gray blocks through the pics, and one wouldn't even display on the camera. Weird. Maybe I turned off the camera too soon after taking the pic and it didn't have time to write. /shrug
    Then I was at my buddy's place, and took a couple pictures. One or two of them worked fine, but a bunch started getting that same problem. Bars, skewed colours, lines, etc. Argh. Then I took another pic and it was perfect. So then I drove up a local mountain and took a whole bunch of pics. Every pic showed perfectly on the auto-review thingy. I didn't think twice til I got back home, and found that NONE of them worked. Then I opened the folders on the memory card and there's tons of random characters and symbols and most of it was unreadable by the computer. GRRRR

    Anyway, short story long, I did the research and found out that several people are relabeling and somehow hacking low-capacity cards and USB drives to read as high-capacity drives. Of course, as with me, people won't automatically realize they've been screwed over until they fill up the 2GB or 4GB of space, depending on the original size of the card... by then, the seller's been banned and taken off with our money. Now, for me, it's well past the 45 day period that you can argue a Paypal transaction, so I'm just plain screwed.

    The moral of this story is... if it seems too good to be true...

    Hopefully this helps someone else save a few bucks and some frustration. I went out and bought a Kingston 4GB (really, more than enough for most stuff) card for $10 from a local store.


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    Yeah it's always best to fill up the memory card completely and see if the files read properly afterwards

    What was the ebay user ID?

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    That's why its' worth noting the member's time with eBay - that can be more important than the number of transactions.

    That's assuming customers report such problems.

    And like PC burn ins, do a fill test etc. I think eve windoze still has its disk tester?

    I have bought several "too good to be true" items. I still can't believe how good they are! (Though I did doubt the 9dB gain of that bullsh antenna - but the accompanying hardware was worth it...)

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    The user was Jjayz2008. He's been since banned on eBay anyway, but I went back and checked, for what it's worth, and there had been no complaints about the user, and IIRC, he had been around for a while, with tons of positives.

    And yea, I have had some great deals in the past. This is only the second time I've ever been screwed over via eBay. The first was probably 10+ years ago. I never received the item, and the seller even said they'd send me another one for free. (Yea, right) Then the user just disappeared off eBay right as several other people started complaining. However, at the time, I paid with a money order, so I didn't have an easy way to stop payment. Oh well.

    I picked up amazingly cheap NiMH batteries on eBay for a small percentage of what Energizers are worth, but again, you probably get what you pay for. I haven't checked to see how long they last yet. And really, the 32GB memory card was selling for roughly 1/4 of what every other one was worth. I should have thought about that for a minute.

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    Sorry to hear about your luck, It's pretty well known that a lot of ebay flash cards are cheapies re-branded with top brand labels or higher capacity. This has been going on since I've been running OS's on compact flash cards (awhile)

    Anyway, I always buy retail editions of flash cards, they cost more, but at least you know they are genuine.
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