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Thread: America's Worst Speed Traps

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    America's Worst Speed Traps

    America's Worst Speed Traps

    ...speed limits, while originally designed to conserve fuel during the energy crisis of the 1970s, have grown into a cash cow for states and municipalities—and they don't want you to know how much they're making off of speeding tickets.
    One of the long list of bad ideas coming from our oil dependency (the tax and other incentives to buy 50K hybrids is the lastest one), due in part for the lack of drilling permits.

    I'm constantly thinking about leaving CA for Austin...but...

    That motorist said he was ticketed for going three to four miles per hour over the speed limit in a school zone, and when he was going 83 in an 80 mph zone.
    Oh, man.

    Not for me. CA is bad enough as it is.

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    i had to quit reading after #8. it was starting to **** me off...

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    That is highly insane and easily believable. Corruption in every direction, no matter which way you turn....
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    You can find more speed traps in Los angeles CA. As driver would have to take a very care of this speed limit...

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