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Thread: Configuring two routers on same network?

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    Configuring two routers on same network?

    I am trying to set up two wireless routers, a Linksys/Cisco E1000 (N) router and a Linksys WRT54gs (G) router, on the same home network. I dont want to contact the routers with a cable, but I want to be able to plug in wired devices to each router and have them function appropriately. The WRT54gs has been flashed with DD-WRT firmware, although admittedly, I am not sure of all the capabilities available to me there. From my limited understanding, am I looking at Router 2 being a "bridge" or "access point"?

    Can anyone walk me through how to do this? Thanks, Matt
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    Sounds like you are wanting to use one as a wireless bridge and plug hard-wired devices into it. There's a good write up on the DD-WRT Wiki site on how to do this, but basically leave your main wireless router alone. Then put the 54gs where you need it, log in and configure it as a wireless bridge connecting to your main router. Did this recently myself and it works well.
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    Alternatively, if you just want to be able to access both freely, you simply change the host IP on the second router so it doesn't match the first (I think both are by default, change the second to, for example) and for the wifi I even named both of mine differently so my computer would connect to whichever provided the strongest signal when first connecting to the wifi. I was using standard off-the-shelf Linksys routers and firmware so neither had the option of being set to simply relay the wireless signal of the other, which is the best situation, unless you are looking to secure one differently for parental controls or something.

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