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Thread: multiple hdmi monitors HTPC

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    multiple hdmi monitors HTPC

    My current setup runs to my home theater system. I just got another hd tv for my back room. What I wanna do is hook that tv up to my home theater pc as well. Ultimately what I would like to do is have the option of choosing a movie and watching it on either tv and or watch 2 separate movies at the same time. I probably would have to run a second sound card too. Is there a video card that will allow this and software. What I was thinking of doing was building a server and run 3 mini client workstations to access server and each workstation will be connected to a tv. What are your opinions and suggestions.

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    i would just use a multi-port hdmi switcher-- just run it in reverse.

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    Build another HTPC, and share the movies from the first HTPC to the second. Much easier.
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    I agree. Build a server/client setup. Too much load on 1 pc to watch to different movies on 2 different monitors via HDMI.

    And yes, there is a way to do it from 1 pc. Get a multi output video card and set it for extended desktop. Watch one move on tv a, and another on tv b.

    The audio shouldn't be an issue.

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    I did a lot of reading and so far I am 90% there. trying out programs. One way is I made my HTPC a server and using a media server program called Tversity until I get media center. It is streaming to my xbox through a wired network to my tv in my back room. In the living room I am using the old setup so i can have access. They do sell stand alone boxes to connect to media center or other 3rd party software. It actually runs nice and dont have any issues thus far. Still in the development faze and will keep ya updated.

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