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Thread: Well, my player is on hold for a while..

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    Well, my player is on hold for a while..

    got hit by the nasty IT layoff virus today. Our company was bought out a couple years ago be $big_bank$ that had high hopes for our annuity trade system. Well they decided that it didn't make enough profit so they sold the idea to our competitor and laid us all off. My contracting company has openings with $other_big_bank$ so maybe I won't be off for long.

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    bummer, hope ya get a job soon man
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    I know what you're going through...

    I too worked for a BIG BANK, I won't mention Citigroup's name, (OOPS!!!), about two weeks after they bought Bannamex for 12.5 Billion, yes I said Billion w/ a "B", the whole South American NT group started to dwindle. I feel your pain, brotha...
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