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Thread: howdy everyone!

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    howdy everyone!

    Just wanted to make my first post saying hi and introducing myself rather than get right into asking ridiculous newB questions not that I plan to or anything, lol

    The name's Travis, I'm 25 and am a quality inspector for LQK (auto recycling company), and have been a gadget and computer geek since high school when I began to get my own money to afford my own stuff, and have been a gear head for as long as I can remember growing up with a wrench in my hand getting greasy along side my father working on either fast cars or 4wd trucks!

    I hope to learn a bunch here, as well as maybe give any good ideas or input I might have myself

    And my current ride (which seems to be changing every couple years, although I must say I really like this one and plan on keeping it for some time) is a 2006 Tacoma. Sporting some 6 spoke 20's off a Tundra, a Pioneer D3 head unit along with a bluetooth module and reverse camera, some 7" screens I installed into the factory head rests, and I even dug deep into the instrument cluster and replaced all the ugly yellow LEDs with blue ones. Right now it still has the factory speakers, but I plan on upgrade those, as well as install a 10" sub behind the rear seats (already have a box and amp actually, just needing a speaker and capacitor).

    And the main reason I joined the site is to get some insight and start asking questions, maybe even start a build thread once things get on a roll, for my upcoming carpc build

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lincolnman View Post
    Your English is fine, don't apologize. You're doing better than most Americans.

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    Good car, the picture is very beautiful

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    Good car, the picture is very beautiful, and I like the headrest in your car.

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