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Thread: lots 'o spam?

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    lots 'o spam?

    is the forum getting slammed with spam lately? i've noticed that the new posts feature consistently has 40-60 or more new posts, but usually there's only 20-30 visible new posts..

    over at hidplanet, we were getting so much spam recently, we had to lock down new member registration and manually approve every new account to fix it..

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    Well spotted.

    We are getting about 5-6 spam posts for every genuine post at the moment.

    Seems to happen every 1-2 months there is a spurt.

    Probably coincides with an update to some forum spam software, which incidently was advertised in a spam thread here just over a week ago, just before it suddenly went crazy.

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    The new Centrafuse forums have only been online for about 2 months, and we've already blocked 19000+ spammer registrations. That's about 300 a day. 1 or 2 get through every week, but that's SO much better than it used to be on the old forums. It is a constant battle, that's for sure.


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    I just posted this in the announcement section. This is not normal for us. With the tools we have in place we only get a hand full a day. i think spammers might be using mechanical turk or some crazy proxy. Grrr.


    We're having a crazy spam issue that is clogging up our moderation queue with about 100 new spams a day. This is killing our volunteer moderator team. We've shut off new user registration until we can come up with a solution. We're all at home with our families for thanksgiving so this is going to have to wait until early next week.

    If any of our users have brilliant forum spam prevention tools we can implement, we're all ears.

    Thanks. Sorry new peeps. We'd love to have you, but maybe you can come back in a few days. Sorry for the hassle.


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    Not sure if it will work nowadays (spam bots are getting smarter ) but a lot of em drop their payload in the first/top listed area. so make a new area called spamkiller, that has any posts deleted and the poster blocked
    not sure of the mechanic's behind setting it up (havn't played with or moderated forum software in years) a site that has it set up to give you an idea of what Im on about

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    this was one of the options that hidplanet is looking into-- just don't ask me specifics about it 'cause i don't know much..

    Quote Originally Posted by oVerRateD View Post
    check this:

    I've been using it on sites for awhile.. it also saves a LOT on bandwitch, which could save money if the hosting service doesn't include unlimited bandwith

    oh, and just out of curiousity, have you noticed if it's the same IP's? every one that i've had to deal with at hidplanet had a different IP... i'm doubtful it's as easy as just blocking a few IP's, but it'd sure be nice to dream of it at least..
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