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Thread: New Tesla Vid, Check This Out!.......

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    Yes, it's what marketeers call "Place" in a four P's of marketing.
    And I've already mentioned a Product's introductory cycle.

    I might change my "not for the masses" statement to not for everyone which includes me - I don't use my car for commuting; it tends to be longish day runs to remote areas.
    But stateside is like downunder - MANY use at least one vehicle merely for the daily commute which is well under 100km (even if it takes over 2 hours LOL).
    And that impact on fossil fuels would be quite significant. (Although here as I said, fossil fuel vehicles may well be more efficient greenhouse gas wise than our coal-fired power stations. But that should shift with time. Tasmania is fully hydro power, and our domestic rooftop solar panels apparently negate the need for one power station. Now if we have daytime charging, or more wind & tidal farms etc...)

    Thanks nasa for doing your bit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldSpark View Post

    Thanks nasa for doing your bit.
    You know OldSpark, you maybe the very first person who I don't have to explain how I could buy a 100K car without ever sitting in it...

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    Nah... (??)
    I would have thought most on this forum would well understand. Of course, that may be my altruistic idealistic naivety.

    But thanks.
    That's TWO thanks to you, though IMO the first is by far the biggest!

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