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Thread: i'm building one!

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    i'm building one!

    It's called an Interocitor. Does anyone make a 1080p triangular display?........
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    I believe you get the plans from a guy named Exeter here:


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    I wonder if they do a smaller version.

    For a techhie girls vajazzle.

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    I have never seen any other than rectangular screens, but I think you could pull it off with a rear projection technique using a Pico Projector.

    Just project your image to the backside of a translucent white sheet of Vellum or similar plastic sheet. You will probably have to make a mask or cut a triangle out of a lens cap to avoid stray light, and only project onto the back of the screen, and may need some mirror experimentation.

    Other options are buy 6 of those inexpensive 3.5" tft monitors, and stack them inverted pyramid, make a thick bezel, and use special 6 monitor video card.

    Or if you have deep pockets have a pc board substrate made and stuffed with 0402 LED's in RGB matrix like those LED signs.

    Cool and very ambitious project though, I loved that movie, and thought laying miles of a 4 lane highway as being a cinch, means I could have godlike powers with an Interocitor of my own. Make my own island 20 miles off the coast so I can start my own country, and invite only the worlds top minds to live there, provided they had the "Who Is John Galt" mentality.

    I made a drive in theater screen out of an open frame LCD screen and laser cut framework for the Niles Depot Museum display of railroads next to drive in theaters. That was a project, so I can imagine your project to take a lot more effort.

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    Hmm - I wonder if Exeter is a 'merkan like Bush-Jnr said he was...?

    Yeah I know, I'm a crunt when it comes to puns.

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