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Thread: Moon siting!!

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    Moon siting!!

    For those of you not on IRC, there has indeed been a Moon siting!! Moon, in the electrons themselves! (get it, like 'in the flesh?' oh well lame yes..)

    [23:56:29] *** MooNmooN_ has joined #mp3car
    [23:56:37] <MooNmooN_> how goes it
    [23:57:11] <@mrgoose> its moon
    [23:57:12] <@mrgoose> wtf
    [23:57:27] <MooNmooN_> hahah
    [23:59:14] * @bg-1 checks... hell hasn't frozen over yet
    [23:59:35] * Kumaneko looks out the window.. no pigs flying
    [23:59:35] <MooNmooN_> i see we are tearing through the bandwidth as norrmal

    We now return you to your forum browsing.
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    That wasn't me...

    just kidding...


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