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Thread: home pc problem

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    Originally posted by SiGmA_X
    Rob - Weird. On all my systems, it's a BIOS controled thing. As you know, on restart the mobo controls the re-boot. So I guess it's a bit of both.
    I've never ever seen a system with that bios setting. I've seen ones where it can control whether the machine powers up when AC power is reconnected or just go to standby, but this is a reboot on application crash, ie. when you get a blue screen of death, you never see it, it just reboots. It's the default config for Win2k and WinXP installs (for some crazy reason).

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    Rob is taking about this below (System/Advanced). Reseat memory and cards, then check the power supply. I don't think it is heat, unless a fan has stopped running, since you stated it has been running for 18+ months.

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    Post Here are some things that might help!

    1. Try updating your bios, doing that has gotten rid of a few problems for me in the past. P%2C+T-Bird%2C+Duron&col2=37&col3=BIOS+Upgrade. This URL will take you straight to the Dragon Plus BIOS update page.

    2. When I had the problem that you are having, It ended up being a burnt processor, you might want to check that.

    3. Try borrowing a Ram Dimm from a friend or buy a cheap 128MB PC2100 and see if it fixes the problem.

    4. Try holding down the INSERT key while you power on the computer.

    Hope this helps. Let me know what happens.

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    Point a standard room fan at it and see if it runs any longer. If it does, then something is heating up. Those tiny chipset fans are notorious for dying...

    If that doesn't do it - pull everything nonessential out. All the cards, extra memory, extra harddrives, etc. Leave nothing but the boot drive and video card. If it stays running, then replace the components one by one and you'll eventually rat out the bad device.

    I've also seen power supplies cause random reboots. Is the fan running? How warm does it get?
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    Thanks guys for all the help so far.

    Heres what I have done:

    I flashed the cmos, no good.
    I took out all the cards and left the bare minimal to run the pc, no good.
    Swapped power supplies, nope.
    Checked cpu, nada.

    As far as installing programs, and changing settings it is still not possible since the pc just hangs there when I turn it on. I cannot access the bios settings.

    THe only things I have not checked is the ram since I do not have spare ram lying around. Ive tried turning on the pc w/o a cpu but the motherboard does not beep like it should so now Im thinkin I have bad motherboard. Its strange since all the leds on the board light up and the chipset fan runs.

    Could the harddrive have anythong to do with it? Its been running fine w/o any problems.
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