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Thread: Desk Build - Electrical Question

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    Desk Build - Electrical Question


    As per the title I am currently doing a desk build for my PC, and this is my first desk build. As part of this I am using some illuminated switches remote from the motherboard, and also a UPS.

    I have two questions

    1) For the 2 pin cable that connects to the PWR SW pins on the motherboard, what gauge wires should be used? is there a maximum length of cable used?

    2) I have a little UPS (1000w) which has an LED on the front of it to show the status. And the switch LED requires a 12v feed, what options do I have here? I don't know much about the electronics side, maybe a relay controlled by the UPS LED switching 12v feed from a molex connecter off a PC PSU.

    Many thanks

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    #1 I use solid cat5e network cable for my pc power switch and remote leds. pc is under back seat of crewcab truck to the switch in the dash, 10' run at least
    # yes you can get 12v from you molex connector not sure what you want to do with the ups led. please explain more detail SNO

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    Sno what i understood is that he want to use the power from the ups to power up his desktop build.

    If that's the case i think that it is impossible to do as the led uses small amount of amperes .
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    to explain a little further I have added a picture of my UPS and the illuminated switch. So basically I am using the illuminated switch as a remote status LED for the UPS.

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