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Thread: Problem with image files (hard disk images, not pictures)

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    Problem with image files (hard disk images, not pictures)


    I have had an absolute disaster recently, the loss of a laptop.

    The whole reason i purchased it (apart from the fact that I needed a laptop) was the copy of photoshop included on it. It came with a photoshop CD key, a copy of photoshop installed on the HDD and photoshop was also on the recovery disks.... but not in a form that allowed me to install it on another computer easily. It was contained inside a hard disk image.

    Now that I don't have the laptop anymore, I would like to install this copy of photoshop on another computer. Trouble is, I can't find a way to extract files from the image file. Does anyone know a way to do this? I can't find any tools to do the job.l

    Any help apprecieated in advance

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    Depends on the type of image it is, iso, ghost, etc.

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    You have the key right? We aren't supposed to talk about warez but ...

    I would think that since you've technically paid for the software, and you have a legit key for it, you should have no problem installing SOMEONE ELSES copy, and entering your key.

    MODS feel free to delete this post if it crosses any lines. I'm just trying to be helpful.

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    i whole-heartedly agree with this statement. when i bought my last computer, i found that the preloaded software was NOT provided on cd. rather, they provided a "restore" disc.

    what happens in the event of a major failure of the HD? no way to access a recovery image to reinstall things from. are you S.O.L.? looks like it.

    i dont get it... i paid for the software, why dont i get the CD for it. if i went to the store and bought a program, i would get a CD, there wouldnt be someone that comes to my home and installs the program and leaves me with nothing... it is total crap!!

    the only problem with the idea, is that sometimes the preinstalled keys will not work with the full boxed versions from the store... sigh

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