So im gonna use JL as an example.

I have been reading up on JL products for a while now. I would really love to have a 100 percent JL system in my car. Now that said I would be looking at over 35 hundred dollars worth of equipment. If I were to purchase it at a "Authorized dealer" Heres where the discussion starts.

JL at there site state that they do NOT authorize, endorse or even guarantee online dealers. But if you look into it, if you were to go to your local JL "authorized dealer" any item will cost you around 200 to 300 dollars extra. Now if you go to ebay you will save a lot of money. Money you can use for other parts. Now, where do these dealers get the JL products? They state that the product is new and unopened. They even post pictures of the product. How the heck they get JL products and re-sell them?

Wouldnt that be hipocritical on behalf of JL? In order for all the Ebay dealers to get the products, I am asuming they get them directly from JL. Am I wrong?

I just dont get it. JL will NOT endorse them, will NOT guarantee the product and they are NOT authorized to sell the product? Then why the hell does JL even sell there products to these people?

I dont get it!!!!

Discuss. I would really like to hear from the dealers that are also members here. What the hell does it take to become a Online salesperson. Cause NOT even those E-Books on ebay seem to work. It will take you anywhere from two weeks to seven months for a product. Doesnt sound right to me.