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Thread: My soon to be CarPC project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by guitar333
    a cuz had a toyota w/ 360k before it got totalled
    Toyotas keep going and going and going... saw one with 270,000 miles before. x_x

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaghetti
    That's a freakin' beast! They're underrated and gadget-laden - 4 wheel-pretty-much-everything! Electronic 4w steering too isn't it?
    The fact that a two door sports coupe weighs 3800lbs means it better damn sure have every gadget known to man built in

    Since when is insanity a bad thing?

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    Nice car, those are a blast.
    My current car (87 Toyota Supra) made it 270,xxx miles on the original longblock. The only reason it didn't last longer was that I had a severe oil leak and lost all of the oil for a minute or so. Surprisingly I drove it another 30,000 miles after that before it developed a rod knock. There is a guy here in town with 59x,xxx miles on a 86.5 supra but, I think that may be a record. A friend of my dad drove a 22r powered Toyota pickup well over 1,000,000 miles before it was wrecked. He had minimal trouble (4 clutches 1 transmission and a few other odds and end)that impressed me.
    A friend here in town has a VR4 that he loves to death but, is always broken (his own fault mostly) he has almost 120,000 miles on his VR4.
    Again those cars are a blast, Enjoy it.
    2002 Golf TDI With Phatbox . Blue 87 Supra Needs to go, Grey 89 Targa with stock Radio.

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    car tops out at 154 on the stock ecu, a friend of mine in highschool had one.

    nice car but expensive to mod.

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    car does not top out at 154 on stock ecu...nobody swaps the ecu on these unless they go to AEM. Most people use piggyback in these cars. me...they dont top out at 154....i drive a 3000GT as well...the nonturbo tops out at 154...none of these cars are electronically speed limited, but they are rev limited from the factory to 7k rpms. Many people lift this to 8300rpms because this is safe on the stock block.
    slow carputer project...real slow due to college

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