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Thread: Sony Ericsson T610

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    My friend just got his last night and we were playing with it today. Awesome phone. It is the phone I have been planning on getting, I just need to *aquire* my mom's SSN so I can make AT&T let me switch Heh.. Switching to TMobile and getting the T610. TMobile for 2 reasons, cheaper phone, cheaper text messages ($7, 1000 vs $5, 300)
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    Yeah you should try to get what you can out of these guys- they make an absolute fortune. I don't know how it would work over there, but second year in a row now I've just phoned up my network to enquire about taking my number elsewhere to another . Twice they ask me why, and I simply told them I wanted a new phone and saw a great deal at another place and twice I've got it for free! Getting a new phone's quite easy, but keeping the same number and same network without paying over the odds for a new handset is tricky, so if they think they're losing a customer over the cost of a 50 upgrade then for them it's not worth it... The reason I wanna keep with the same network is vodafone has the best coverage (not just in UK), and every year I get discounted line rental for my loyalty. The guy on the phone offered me 10 off the anytime 200+ 50 texts (15/month instead of 25) and I didn't even have to ask!!

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    We get jack and **** for loyalty, since they know if we run we cloose our investment in our equipment... maybe in a year when they let you take your phones with you as well things might change...

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