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Thread: Stupid Project: PC Control of a RC Car :D

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    Stupid Project: PC Control of a RC Car :D

    Hey all,

    Tis a fine late hour and this idea has just sprung upon me. Since I have absolutly no money to buy a fresh carPC + TFT screen for my lovely Vauxhall Nova (not a townie before you start, chilis all the way!) I thought it would be cool to stick some sort of remote control on a wee RC car.

    Thought I'd ask you guys since there are many experts here on electronics and remote control, coupled with the PC aspect of things! I dont know how expensive a transmitter/receiver would be, but I have seen things like parallel control relays on mp3car which could be used.

    I've even got the option of sticking a camera on the front with my TV in on my PC and some extra batteries for the cam. heh.

    Thoughts? Yeah its stupid and problably will never be done but thats why its in off topic and out of all the important topic's ways


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    i took my old RC car, its one of those really high end ones that you build from a kit, and i put a wifi cam on it and i'd drive around and harrass people in the office. My reiever on my car got fried and i think my servo did also so i just sold it.. but it was fun while it lasted
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    hahah, well just the cam would do :P

    Where do I get one much cheapness?

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    Funny how they just did exactly this in Bad Boys 2, and just last night I watched Home Alone 3 in my insomniac state and saw it done once again. Could definitely be fun. They make mini wireless cams specifically for R/C models too.

    PC control of an R/C car is a pointless contradiction. You would essentially be building a Robot. The "Robots" in Robot Wars games aren't really robots at all. They're R/C toys.

    I once saw an amazing contest where real robots negotiate a maze for the best times. The winning robot was incredibly fast, never touched a wall, and fit in the palm of your hand.

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    You mean like one of these?
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    I was big on RC cars 5-7 years ago. I still have my aluminum and carbon fiber framed nitro. Damn those things were fast. I wounder how the technology's progressed?

    A camera + remote control car would be cool. A wifi cam would be nice, but a little pricey. Look into x10's stuff.

    as for PC control, It's relatively easy with those tiny radio shack ones with on or off controls (when you turn left, the wheels turn all the way to the stops, and they're either going forward at full speed, stopped, or backwards). it can be done with VB and a paralell port module such as "Parallel Port Complete". You just need a printer cable you're willing to gut and some parts from radio shack.

    I can't think of any easy way to wire the control up to a PC with analog (more than just on/off) controlls.

    The utility of being able to control it from the PC is that with little work you can then control it from just about anywhere.
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    Talk about R/C.
    I'm about to sell my HPI Nitro Powered RS4.
    I recently sold my HPI savage, the thing witha ramp could jump 10 feet high and about 35 feet foward. It was amazing.

    I currently have 7 RC airplanes. visit for electronic and lotsa good info. If you wanna see some of my RC video's my friend site has some funny videos.

    Someone on here, had a USB wifi cam mounted on his heli and flew it around. SOmeone witha 300Z pc and a truck pc. Forget who..

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