i was givin a intel extended express
quad pentium 133 mhz server

i can load win 98 on it but it refuses to load any version of nt
it will boot off the nt cd load the drivers then when it changes screens to a blue screen
where it displays it has one processor and x amount of ram and a multiprocessor kernal it just hangs i have to reboot it witht he power switch

<i will try win 2k server once i meet the ram requirements>

it currently has on board adaptec 7870 <i think> scsi

2 out of 6 sca hot swap bays loaded with two 2 gig seagate drives

a scsi cd rom
a ide cd rom
i have tried a diffrent scs card diffrent scsi hd
and even a few ide hd's

tried running off of 2 cpu's
tried running off of 1 cpu
diffrent video card
drives are formatted fat 16
but it still locks up and i am lost

anyone got any suggestions?
besides find another dual or quad cpu setup and stuff it in the case?

and according to a mem test proggie i have been running for a few hours the ram is just fine