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Thread: DVD player work in vertical?

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    DVD player work in vertical?

    Hey guys,

    Sorry about the newbie question but my learning curve on this carputer is growing exponentially! I'll be happy to do a search on this topic if you can tell me the keywords to use.

    I'm interested in the 134 case carputers with a built in DVD player. The question is, will the DVD player be happy if it has to work in the vertical plane? In order to maximize space, I was planning on installing the carputer
    vertically inside of the center console, on one side.

    Also, i'm interested in the single DIN motorized/non motorized 7" touch screen monitor. I'd like to hear thoughts on the depth issue. Since there'll be the VGA, power and RS2232 plugs in the back, how much is added to the total depth of this package.


    '96 Toy Landcruiser

    ps I've seen the install on the LX450.

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    Vertical will work the same normally, unless road conditions (bumps, etc) make a difference, which i doubt very much.
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