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Thread: Illegal Lighting?

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    New York
    New York gets even better.. Volunteer Fire/EMS can only have ONE *rotating light* of their color (fire is blue, EMS is green). So technically a lightbar or strobe bar, or even a mini-dual light bar is illegal. I have been told that volunteers from NY have been hassled in Vermont for having lightbars on their cars.

    Of course, I see volunteers in NY with light bars all the time.. most cops leave them alone...But the technicality is there.

    I have 4 of those rubber housing pickup truck style work lights on my truck, on the back of the roof rack, 2 facing sideways and 2 facing rearwards.. they are off when I'm driving (of course), but they are still "installed"... I wonder how that fits in the law.

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    i know of a few people out here who have some ground lights that only use them at the races, or at meets, as long as your not rolling with them on, shouldnt be a problem

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    Yea. I work at a full serve gas station and I see alot of lighting accesories, "custom" dash jobs, crappy rims on rusty cars, nos seat covers on cars which will probably fall apart if they go above the speed limit... I know there is stuff that I am forgetting, but most of the time me and the other person working just laugh at how dumb the guy/girl was to actually do that.

    This weekend I saw a hatch back civic with a spoiler under the rear winsheild and one above it on the part where the roof curves at the back. HAHA.

    However, quite rarely we do see someone who has done a nice job! and has done somthing that doesn't look like it came from a carnival.

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    Oregon is the same

    Pretty Much BLUE, GREEN, Red Marker lights, side lights, flashing lights, underglow kits, ANy Kind of NEON etc... will get you pulled over if the Police see them turned on... my favorite one was the Guy at the return line at Walmark demanding Walmart pay his 120 Dollar ticket cause the (Value Stem Led's he purchased were Illegle in oregon to have turned on when the car is in motion or on a public road)

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    Dont ever use the brakes, if you hit someone tell the judge you were afraid of breaking the law and displaying your illegal lights!

    Quote Originally Posted by NovaKane
    my brake lights are red, will i get a ticket for that? I better stay out of guys too strict.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kickercivic1
    Everything is illegal in FLorida. ******* pigs got notting better to do but give out tickets. I got ticketed for WHITE washer light in orlando. I got a ticket for having clear tail lights.(in daytona) I thought that was BS.
    In Florida, your taillights need to reflect RED in order to be legal. Red bulbs will not cut it. I run a sign shop, so I just put a small red strip of reflective vinyl on the taillight. It's the same material I use for fire trucks and police vehicles. Never had a problem with the police.

    I had some small blue/purple foglights on the front of my truck and I was pulled over one night. I was getting my registration and insurance info out of the glovebox and turned around to find he had his gun pulled and pointed at me. He told me my tint was too dark (it's the state legal limit) and my lights were illegal.

    No tickets given, just a lesson to tell others.....

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    I hate to rain on everyone's parade but laws are around for a reason. (Mostly because old white men say so.) You (we) don't need the extra lights, extra colors, etc to be cool. The computers are borderline as it is in most states. Personally I think those washer LEDs are retarded. But, I figure if you're going to mount lights on the outside of your car that are not stock don't turn them on unless you are parked. It's fairly simple, kinda like if you don't want a ticket for running a red light you shouldn't run red lights.

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    Unlike the laws against various colored lights, the law against running red lights makes sense.
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    ****, i really hate those traffic cops...
    they pull me over for everything...

    1. headlight too bright (warning)
    2. glow stick hang on rearview mirror on halloween (warning)
    3. color windshield washer (warning)
    4. clear back signal lights (ticket, cop guy said can't have that cuz people might confuse u r backing up while driving, i went to court argue and won)
    5. couple days ago, got pulled over for not having liscene plate upfront (warning)

    all this **** happen within 1 or 2 years...
    so i got lights on a switch....for good luck..

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    Heres the rules in California:

    It is illegal to have...
    o Blue and yellow headlights. Headlights must be white - blue and yellow are illegal (24011 VC). Look for the DOT symbol on the bulb and package.
    o Headlights brighter or higher wattage than those from the factory. You may be able to see better, but the lights are illegal (24011 VC).
    o Tail lights other than red (24600 VC).
    o Illegal brake lights. Brake lights on vehicles newer than 1979 must be red (24603 VC). (Vehicles older than 1979 may be red or yellow.)
    o Lack of rear reflectors. Two red reflectors are required on the rear of cars and trucks (24607 VC).
    o Incorrect color of turn signal. It must be white or yellow to the front, red or yellow to the rear (24953 VC).
    o Red lights to the front. They are illegal except on emergency vehicles (24003 VC).
    o Tail lights that incorporate a bulb with a red tint or coating. In general, custom tail lights that incorporate a clear outer shell and red inner lens are legal (24011 VC). If they don't incorporate reflectors, they must be added to the vehicle (24607 VC).
    o Tail lights that are too dim, washed out or show yellow, white or other colors (24600 VC).
    o Illegal color of side marker lights. If present, must be yellow in the front and red in the rear (25106, 24003 VC).
    o Driving with just parking lights on (24800 VC). Vehicles that have factory-installed automatic daytime running lights must meet federal requirements and are legal.
    o Illegal decorative lights (24003 VC). All flashing decorative lights are illegal (25250 VC).
    o Illegal windshield washer nozzle lights. Only white or yellow are allowed. (25106 VC, 24003 VC).
    o Lights attached to tire valves (24003, 25250 VC).
    o Lighted license plate frames (unless red) (24003 VC).
    o Illegal lights, whether or not they are operating. It is illegal just to have them on the vehicle (24003 VC).

    Copied from:

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