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Thread: 95 Mustang GT?

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    95 Mustang GT?

    I know there are plenty of motor heads on this forum, so I figured I'd ask. I need to know if any of you have any idea what a stock 95 5.0 should get in gas mileage. Also, anyone have any insite on this buy?

    - 95 Mustang GT
    - 108k mi
    - Leather Int
    - 6 disk CD w/premium sound
    - One owner w/maint records
    - Pretty good body (just a few dings) and interior (little rubbing on some vinyl)
    Runs smooth and appears to be in good shape. The guy is asking $6k for it.

    I blue booked it and it comes up as $5k for private party. Any ideas as to what I should try to get him down to. Also, if anyone in the Houston area is interested or knows someone who is, I'm selling a 96 Civic LX in excellent cond.


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    6k is to much, the milage is rather high, and mustangs in general are just so abundant that in my opinion/experiences the resale value is rather low, usually a bit below blue book.

    Now for the required plug: Anyone wanna buy a yellow 2001 v6 convertible?

    I know in my car i get a touch over 20 mpg highway if that's of any help.

    You might want to wait until the 2005 mustang has been released, with a brand new body style comming out older body styles will likely flood onto the market at a cheaper price.

    Of course take everything is say with a grain of salt.

    So who wan'ts to buy my car? lol

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    Yeah, I was thinking that the new ones coming out might bring the older ones down a bit, but then again, the only new body style that looks good is the GT. I just spoke with the guy again today, and he has brought it down to 4500.

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