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Thread: Did I buy the right amp?

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    not sure yet.

    Did I buy the right amp?

    Ok so I bought this I know nothing about these darn things. So it has 4 RCA in jacks and 4 speaker wire inputs.
    Question: what do I do... Can I use the rca Y-adapter from computer and plug into, say channles 1 and 2 and also plug all 4 speakers into 1 and 2. 1 = fronts and 2 = backs??? Will this decrease my wattage going to speakers. Did I buy the wrong amp, can I do this and will it work?



    Edit: yes or no will work or ill just try it.

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    Sure you could hook it up that way, or you could get 2 RCA Y adapters, and split the left and right outputs from the computer to the amp's inputs. You wouldn't have an easy way to vary the level between front and back, other than on the amp, but it would work.

    If you hook it up the way you describe, you would end up with, say, left channel in the front, and right in the rear. Doesn't sound like you'll have a good image that way.

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