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Thread: Any volunteer EMT/EMS members here?

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    Any volunteer EMT/EMS members here?

    I was interested in volunteering in my local area and wanted to know if any other mp3car members were volunteer EMT/EMS members or in the medical field.

    I am not sure where or how to start. I will try to contact the local dept near me and ask.

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    Well, I was,

    I worked for a volunteer org in NYC for a while. Then, I worked for what is called a Voluntary Hospital in the NYC 911 system. Basically, NYC FD/EMS (At the time I started, it was still the Health and Hospitals Coporation that oversaw the NYC EMS system) contracts with hospitals in the NYC area to provide a certain amount of ambulance hours to cover a specified geographic location, which generally encompasses the Hospital. This way, the city doesn't have to pay for ambulances, ambulance crews, and supplies for that area, because the hospital provides them. The crews are trained similarly, and are controlled by NYC Protocal, and NYC FD/EMS supervisors. It's just the voluntary hospitals have the hospital name on the side of the ambulance, instead of NYC FD/EMS. The dispatcher, adn the 911 number are the same, and you never know what type of ambulance will show up at your door.

    Well, that was my little lesson. But, I don't do that anymore, but I am into carputers.

    Is that even what you asked. I don't know, but you can count me in as an Ex-EMT/EMS member.


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    I'm an EMT in NJ. Basically, just go to your local office/hq/corps./whatever they call it, and talk to someone. They'll inform you of when/where classes are, etc.

    There's lots pluses to being EMS. It's good skills to know, it's fun/exciting at times, etc.

    Now, there's also special perks. Each hour that you're on call counts as a volunteer hour... I actually got a scholarship because of all my volunteer hours. You get a permit for lights on your car. Since I became an EMT, I have not recieved a traffic ticket (they might give you a no-seatbelt no-point ticket). If I get pulled over, I hand him my license, insurance, registration, and EMT ID.

    Oh, and there's special perks, too. Verizon Wireless is 15% off for EMS. 2 years ago we had free passes to Disneyworld. Last summer we had unlim buy-1-get-1-free passes to Six Flags, etc.

    All in all, it's a rewarding experience, it provides you with good medical training, and it's exciting and fun.

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