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Thread: Parking brakes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batmanatthenewb
    All this discussion about the parking brake!! Bet you all would be real worked up if you heard that the majority of drivers here in Ohio don't use their blinkers (turn signals). The standing joke to people moving here is that the first thing they need to do to be able to drive in Ohio is disable their blinkers.
    Ha! Don't get me started on the 'over-use' and 'over-reliance' of the turn signal like it's some sort of comfort blanket!

    Or Traffic Signals that don't need to be working at 3.00am in the morning when there's hardly any traffic! Stop & give way!

    Or, in the UK, the explosion of mini-roundabouts!!!! Where 3 people drive up to it, stop and look at each other for 5 minutes, while they're wondering who should go first!!!! Arggghhhhh!

    ok, let me take a pill.....Most of it's 'common sense', not 'I was told to do this when I was learning so I do it....'

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    yes, lets not get into a discussion about indicator lights, the handbrake one is bad enough.

    although I will say it's amazing how many people think they are magic wands. ie just because they are indicating means they can pull right out in front of you (when your front is 1 foot behind theirs). or that using your hazards allows you to park in a no parking zone.

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