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Thread: $400 dollar headlight.....(subaru)

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    If you want the insurance to cover it (might make the rate go up though!) tell them a rock hit it and shattered the lens. Watch out on the aftermarket stuff...some of the stuff doesnt fit very well (leaks, ect)
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    Dont go to insurance. If they dont jack the insurance now, they will later. Technically it's your fault and you cant win this one. Any JDM part is going to run you about that at a dealer, it's no ripoff. As an example... blacked out jdm lenses from japan for a mazda6 cost 900 US. Yes thats right.

    Rear tails > $280US ~ 400 Can with taxes etc. Also dont forget they are probably not quoting you for 1 headlight, it doesnt make sense for them to get just one. So if you do end up getting it from them.. make sure you get the 2nd one handed over to you as well.
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    make one out of pudding

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    Quote Originally Posted by gospeed.racer
    If you want the insurance to cover it (might make the rate go up though!) tell them a rock hit it and shattered the lens. Watch out on the aftermarket stuff...some of the stuff doesnt fit very well (leaks, ect)
    That would be under comprehensive insurance. A lot of people don't have comprehensive because it will double the price of your insurance. It is worth it however because there are a lot of broke uninsured drivers out there.

    Junkyards are a really good idea. I get a lot of parts from junkyards and they give em to me real cheap.
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    check out
    it is a nationwide database of salvage parts... prices are all over the entire range.

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    has loads and on you will even find a tutorial to remove the lense from the rest of the assembly
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    Try ebay and junkyards. My headlights cost about the same I got them off ebay for $100.

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    [I take it in for service, and they tell me I have to buy an entire new headlight for like $400 dollars...
    $400 is a good deal. At the Acura dealership my passenger side headlght is $538!! Passenger side fender is $408!! No one makes aftermarket parts for Acura that i can find.

    They do have some really nice JDM (Japan version) headlights that i would love to have. If anyone out there anywhere can get your hands on some I'll buy them from you!!!

    They are called Vigor CC2 Black headlights!

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    yeah and there are like 4 subaru's in all of charlotte, nc
    I am from just north of Charlotte (Rowan County). I actually claim Raleigh as home now after going to NCSU for 4 years and now I work in Cary.

    A friend of mine did the 'baking' trick with his STi lamps and after about 2 weeks it appears he messed them up and is in a similar boat that you are in. I was shocked to find out how expensive these things are.

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