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Thread: MTV pimp my ride

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    well, if it was on MTV today, do you think that we are the only ones trying to look at it?
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    You wouldn't get 404's if the site was overloaded. It would just time out.
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    ah, point taken.

    in that case, its just you. I am getting all the pages just fine.

    they just suck.
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    Debt as of July 4, 2007: $0.00 explanation
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    Quote Originally Posted by fluffy2097
    Am I the only person who gets 404's on nearly half the pages on that site?
    I got the 404 page also, but on the 2nd attempt I was able to get in.

    It's airing 9:30pm on the west cost. I'm going to check this out...
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    Interesting. The episode I saw tonight (admittedly, I don't get MTV, saw it on a Canadian channel) was only the second episode. They did a pink Cadillac. I didn't see any carputer, only indash DVD. I assume there's several more episodes out already though.

    For some reason, their links are messed with Netscape. I get backslashes in the links instead of forward slashes. I can manually change the slashes to vies each page though.
    Although, in IE, everything works fine. I just click the link and it opens.



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    yeah I saw that episode. Too bad too many people are getting computers in their car these days and some of them don't even see the potential.
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    From the site, they are coming out with a lite version for $49.
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    looks like web design is not their strength. Turns out the site is not Mozilla compatible. Probably because the code was written in Microsoft Word. *cringe*
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    Smile Hello from Drivesoft

    Just a few answers to some of the post.

    1) Yes Drivesoft is a real company with 9 to 5 support for our car audio dealer.

    2) The reason you have not seen us on PC based site such as this one is because we operate our company on the car audio business side and not PC enthusiast side.

    3) We have been doing in car PC since 1997.

    4) Yes we are aware that guys like you on this forum are some of the reasons that companies like us have taken the more corporate approach to this industry. Meaning we deliver a product ready to be installed so the user will not need the knowledge you guys have

    5) We never were interested in moving our company thru web based avenue etc. because we know that guys like your self like to do your know project etc.

    6) We have received lots of emails in the past about our software and decided to release a "lite" version so the personal incar pc builder could also use our product.

    7) No, it is not skinable etc. I know there is other software out there that you use and you can modify etc. I know you guys like having your own look but this software was not design with the Pro PC Builder in mind. Many people would like the idea of a PC based audio system but do not have the resources and know how like you guys do. We are purposely making this software easy to use and not configurable. In 1995 I wanted one my self and it was almost imposable to have a PC in my car.

    8) We do every thing in-house. Hardware and software. Case building, specialty install parts for installing it in to cars etc. As far as spec. I think you guys know what we are using.

    9) EBay issues. I see where and ex-employee was selling his LCD and he left a pic of Drivesoft on it. We Do not sell Drivesoft on eBay. Notice I said Ex-employee. However we may in the future offered our "lite" version on eBay.

    I hope you Pro Incar PC builders can appreciate our product and the road we choose to take. We sell to a different type of cliental and the pricing of our product may seem to be high to you guys but for the guy driving his H2 etc and wanting a product that he can use without any problem is worth it to him.

    Also I hope you can see that we are Car Audio Product and not Computer product oriented. Meaning we have many more expenses then just sitting in a big office shipping out PC products. We are no different then your Alpine or Pioneer car audio reps etc. We travel, train and support many car audio stores in the USA. We also build Demo cars and present them at all major shows. It is a costly business when bringing the PC Incar Computing to the Car Audio world. Remember the people we sell to do not have the knowledge of you guys so they put everything back on us. Two companies that have tried to go in to the car audio world have already failed because they used their PC Computer supporting and selling knowledge to go in to the car audio world. Car audio dealer expect a different type of service then PC buyer. Reason is because they are buying a PC based product that they know nothing about.

    PS. We at Drivesoft think you guys and are great. We love to see people moving in this direction.


    Mad Mike-"Pimp My Ride"-WCC

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