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Thread: Damn Car!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizardPC
    heck, it was probably the driver's side weatherstripping. Mine leaks in heavy rain, and so did my other saturn.
    Funny you say that because yesterday while it was raining pretty hard outside, I pressed on my brakes pretty hard (Didn't slam them) and all the sudden this stream of water poured down from between the window and weather stripping into my lap. I think all the drivers within a 2 mile radius heard me let out a big "WHAT THE F**K!"

    But after I dried it up, it never happened again. Wonder if my 10 year warranty covers that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby Digital
    How is a defect in your AFTERMARKET door locks and your (assumed) aftermarket car alarm the fault of Saturn? Hate yourself and/or the installer, not Saturn. By the way, I don't like Saturn's or anything, I just don't see why you should hate the car when the problem is with stuff you put in afterwards.

    You can still hate them about the wet carpet though...

    No, its saturns fault. BECAUSE my car leaked, my aftermarket alarm now is broke. I have troubleshooted the locks, tehy are fine, i have linked the problem to the relays...apparently they got wet, BECAUSE SATURN SUCKS. I can hate saturn because they are not smart enough to design the car to let the water STAY outside when it rains. The undercoating on my car is fine, so the water must be comming in from around my firewall area. But i stripped the carpet and all seems well. I dunno what to say, but it IS saturns fault.

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    How high was the water?
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    My 99 Saturn has been swimming a couple times and never had any problems with water.

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    Its not saturns fault. Look for the HVAC drain hose and check the vents behind the hood. Happens to just about everyone when it rains hard. Cars with the wipers down below the hood are worse (which is most of them now) because the wind doesn't blow the leaves away.

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    ****... my little nissan and I went swimming in 2 feet of water... we both made it through the deepest part then she sucked up water and drowned...

    Now shes a boat... that happend monday
    Quote Originally Posted by menudude View Post
    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...

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    When I see a huge puddle, I turn around.

    If you're not driving an SUV or a truck, stay out of the water.
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    My sister's SL1 also leaks (although she has an aftermarket moon roof) but my SL2 is good as new - after 75,000 miles
    Never had a single leak and it rains like hell here in Washington.
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    you turn around, hahah, thats funny, IMA PIZZA DRIVER. If it were 20 feet water, i better hope my car goes faster than water can get in, because i haev a certain delievery time to meet ;x and i cant verify that its a leak, maby it does have something to do with the drain hose, who knows, all i know is i wont know untill it rains again next time

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    My 87 Honda Accord recently made its debut as a waterski champion when a section of freeway flooded, and I was one of the first lucky victims to dive headfirst into it. (It was night, and the rain had already stopped).

    That little Honda just chugged a moment (still doing better than 60mph) and kicked right back in, plowing its happy *** right through what had to have been more than 2 feet of water. Of course, I had very little control over the steering while all the shenanigans were taking place, but thanks to a relatively new set of tires and a recent alignment job, I am here today to tell y'all about it, instead of lamenting the loss of a 256,000 mile Honda Accord.
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