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Thread: Damn Car!!!!

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    Damn Car!!!!

    HAHAHA, whoever said saturns are reliable cars, told the truth, whoever said they are good cars, should BURN IN HELL. Its been raining here for a few days now, so everything is flooded. All of a sudden today my car alarm starts setting itself off, so much that i had to disable it, and now my car will only UNLOCK the doors, it will not LOCK the doors automatically, THen i get in my car about 10 mins ago and smell mildew, very strong, i lift up the carpet under teh drivers seat, and the matting underneath is SOAKED through, so now when i get some time i will have to stop working on my CarWare (my custom software for my car) and pull up the carpet, see whats leaking, cauk any holes, trouble shoot my car alarms wireing, as well as my aftermarket door locks, and just, ARRRRGH. I HATE S A T U R N!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok, i feel better, thanks for reading ;/

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    It could be worse !!
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    A lot of times during heavy rain leaves and crap get pushed down through the air intake below the windshield and into the heat and A/C system and clogs up the drain there. Usually you can see the drain hose on the firewall below the heat and A/C fan.

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    How is a defect in your AFTERMARKET door locks and your (assumed) aftermarket car alarm the fault of Saturn? Hate yourself and/or the installer, not Saturn. By the way, I don't like Saturn's or anything, I just don't see why you should hate the car when the problem is with stuff you put in afterwards.

    You can still hate them about the wet carpet though...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobby Digital
    You can still hate them about the wet carpet though...
    or yourself for parking it on low ground, jk man, how high was the water?
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    heck, it was probably the driver's side weatherstripping. Mine leaks in heavy rain, and so did my other saturn.
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    God my stupid Honda stalled after I ran over a puddle. I got a tune up and it doesn't do that any more though. Now I can't think of anything else to complain about.

    Should have bought a Honda! 196,000 miles and still going strong.
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    only thing wrong with my car is that it keeps running into things
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    that's why I'm driving a Jeep Wrangler now, here in Houston we have the same problems as our neighbors to the west (San Antonio) although lately they have been hit worse by summer storms than we have
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    You guys should be thankful you have rain. Out here in the Utah (the west) we continue with our how man years of drought?
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