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Thread: access problem???

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    152 access problem???

    Hi hope someone can help me with this one.

    For weeks now when I try to access any link with or type
    direct in to explorer, I get site not found, if I type the IP address I can access the site but all images bar the MP3 banner or not found.
    This works
    this dose not

    This is the same on all the computer I have.

    I have talked to my ISP BTUK, asked them if they blocked any sites, they say NO.

    I'm on ADSL BT 500.
    I use Sygate for my ICS. and for my fire wall.
    All other sites work OK and my email system works fine.

    Something must be blocking any link with in it?

    Any suggestions


    Edit: I have also seached all computers for files containing mp3car, found nothing, what would cause the problem.

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    What does nslookup tell you? If it says, "Unknown domain," then your DNS server isn't replicating the MP3car domain for some reason.

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