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Thread: DirecTV with VOIP?

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    DirecTV with VOIP?

    Couple of questions:

    1. Does DirecTV still require you to have a phone line?
    2. Can I use VoIP instead of a traditional line?

    or, alternatively, can someone point me to somewhere that can answer these questions? I looked at the DirecTV web site and it doesnt specifically mention needing a phone line, but I remember when I had it several years ago I needed to have it hooked to my phone line or they would kill my receiver.
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    well, depends on what kind of voip you have; if you have vonage, or one like it, then yes, you can use it on dtv, since the voip digital equipment stops before your analog hardware (i.e. your normal phone, since most ppl install their vonage dig to analog controller at the distribution block of their house, so all phones can just plug in wall like normal) if you have an expensive system (like cisco call manager) then you can buy a piece called ATA188 analog converter, used for fax machines and such, and it would allow you to connect an analog phone (i.e your fax machine, or in this case your dtv box) into the digital phone system

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    Just FYI, most VOIP gateways/adapters will do up to 14.4kbit data/fax... at least my ATA186 and MultiTech boxes do.
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