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Thread: digging through the trash

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    digging through trash

    digging through the trash i found an HP LC 2000r netserver.

    heres what i know about it so far:
    dual processing (both seem to be socket 370)
    2gb SDRAM
    6X18gb scsi hard drives
    floppy, cdrom

    no physical damage whatsoever. im testing it currently, to see what i can do with this puppy. i wanted to sell it, but i dont know enough about it yet, and if im not getting cash in the 1000's (Which i know i wont), ill either part it out or use it as my new house mp3 server.... maybe even a Digital Video server.

    any suggestions with how to use my find?
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    Why are you garbage digging?
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    Yeah...What the hells up with the dumpster diving?

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    i hope i lived behind a electronic industry. i would go dump diving everyday. You can sell anything on ebay , but in this case hopfully its not some child mulest*r that dumped it and on a run.

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    There's nothing wrong with dumpster diving, just gotta find the ones that are full of electronics and not coffee grounds.

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    actually, i was at the recycling center in my town dropping off newspapers. the bin for old electronics was right next to it. there were 20 monitors, some old atx power supplys (which was what got me over there; i had the mentality of "you can never have too many power supplies"), a big screen tv, lots of AT machines, and this server. i wasnt digging as much as it was lying there.

    every once and awhile i make my rounds to PC City near my house, who give me old pentium 2's that the owners of which have abandoned.

    just tested it before. attempting to install redhat when i smelt burning silicon. lovely. time to part out. ill eventually post a link on ebay of all the findings.
    I hope the mods don't realize I can still post.

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    I like when people dumpster dive for me. I wasnt even looking for a computer chair and someone gave me one. Never exspected that!

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    I watched someone trash a HP Laserjet 5, the huge monsters with network ports...I watched him chunk it from the back of his truck and heard it slam into the side of the dumpster...I slowly walked over, picked it up from the dumpster and placed it in my car...when I got home, there was absolutely nothing wrong with it...these puppies are rock solid! turns out they got a new printer, and decided it wasnt worthy to have in their presence...must be nice to be able to throw away perfectly good equipment

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    I got an HP laserjet 4L (i think) from the side of the road, plus a whole lot of computer parts and monitors, my latest find netted me a slot load DVD drive and a fully functional computer it just needed some ram, its great!

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    Hahaha I dumpster dove about 2 weeks ago and got a 2 inch portable LCD TV that is in perfect condition. I guess the guy thought it wasn't good enough anymore and got a bigger one. The only bad thing is that it is a weird Radio Shack brand 'Optimus'. I actually work in an electronics industry, and several neighboring companies near my work are electronics oriented.
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