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Thread: ITT-Tech question

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    ITT-Tech question

    Hey, Im 19 years old, hs graduate. I signed up for Itt-tech altho my first impression wasnt the best, the guy didnt know what he was talking about when he gave a tour of the place ( burr ridge,IL ) he pointed to the hubs and said "here are our servers that you`ll be working on" and such. I have 2 years of experience in various chicagoland companies ( network deployment, computer programmer ). Now the first day totaly sucked, I went there with high hopes thinking that Im actualy gonna get something from this school ( well for 35k$ I think I should expect something ). The teacher totaly sucked, everything was unorganized the first lesson started with a math test ( gradeschool math almost ) which took me like 5m to finish ( the last math I took was calc ). In any case I read a bunch of stories online both good and bad, Now what do you think, is ITT-tech good for me? Is their dyploma recognized/accepted? I cant transfer out to any other school cuz nobody accepts their credits... I had a decent (23) act score but my GPA is farly low ( ). My first plan was to go to a community college for 2 years and transfer to a university, but then I looked at devry and a bunch of other schools which were "technical schools" and ITT came out on top. I think I still have a week to drop out of this school ( which isnt looking good for me ).

    Any advice would be great.

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    I'm only 17, but I did some research into ITT when they tried to lure me in. They don't sound too promising.

    I think you'll probably have better luck at a community college.
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    It's only your first day. If you already paid for it get what you can out of it. You're only 19.

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    You might want to talk to Shakes, I know at least him and I graduated from ITT (I in TN, he in GA). I have a Bachelors in Electronics and am the MIS director for a small chain of retail stores. The only cert/degree I have is from ITT. I know enough to take and pass the tests for other certs I just have never done it.

    First off the school runs very fast, the only time I opened a book was Quarter 3 (graduated with 3.1/4.0 GPA). About the math test, it sucks bad but I had to take it too and there were about 5 of us in the class that took Geometry, Trig, and/or Calculus in high school. Us 5 ended up having to help all the other students cause they could not figure out the pythagorean theorem. If you are good at math the electronics will be a breeze, the math the the hardest part.

    I am making an assumption that you are doing the electronics degree, It is worth it to stay the extra year and get your Bachelors (graduated 3.4/4.0 GPA) if you decide to continue on. I do not plan on getting a Masters degree or anything like that so it worked out well for me. Just remember that you will be learning a little bit about everything and not a whole lot about any one thing in peticular. I will be up to you to decide where you are going to go, I choose to build on the computer programming and networking skills that I got in the later quarters. I do still remeber how to solder and have all my school books (for gods sake PLEASE keep your books!!! You will use them alot more once you have graduated). I just have not done anything like that in 7 years since I graduated.

    If you want to go to college and you are not sure what you want to do, but you do know you want to be in electronics or computers, it would not hurt to continue on. Just remeber that the credits are not transferable. I have never had any job interveiwers say anything bad about ITT however, I have been turned down for a job a few times because "I have too much knowledge and experience for the position".

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