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Thread: Need help with a bit of programming.

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    Need help with a bit of programming.

    Well not me actually but the mod for the other message board I belong to. Were trying to setup an email option for users. I know there are alot of good programmers here and would really apreciate the help. Just like this one, is a great message board. Really nice bunch of guys. Heres what the guy needs.

    "What I need is a PHP script that integrates with the site. I have a cron system in the bulletin board so I can schedule the script to run automatically.
    The script needs to determine what members are eligible for an email (simple query) then create the email aliases in Apache. I think it is as simple as editing a text file to create the aliases.
    But thats the problem. I can fumble my way around PHP, but I dont know enough of both PHP AND Apache to make this work"

    If anyone can help, please let me know.

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