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Thread: Got a letter from ISP. Business Software Alliance. WTF??

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    Quote Originally Posted by judoGTI

    If you are interested in that stuff, the private groups are the way to go. Much better quality and much safer. But they take a lot more time too.
    Dumb question here?...but how do you find these groups?, E-Cig Mods
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shayughul
    It is also pretty much standard to have the TOS give them the rights to release any required info.
    It shouldn't be released to anyone claiming their software was pirated. It should only be released with a subpoena.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eatyummypuppies
    Here's the plan I came up with as I was reading my letter:

    1) Get address of wealthy lawyers in area
    2) Determine which have unsecured wifi access point
    3) Bittorrent like madman off this connection
    4) Tip off MPAA/RIAA goon with torrent/IP
    5) Giggle like madman as case is taken to Supreme Court

    I doubt I'll get around to it. Why don't you guys go ahead and give it a shot?
    Not bad, not bad.

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