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Thread: Buying a used car (Honda Civic) Input Needed!

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    Buying a used car (Honda Civic) Input Needed!

    All right Civic owners,

    I'm buying a used civic...I'm not to UP on the civic areana, so I'm asking for your help. What are the different models? I would like a 2 door, something a little more sporty. Now are all the ones that have molding on them custom jobs? Or do they come stock like that. I prefer automatic over stick...been there done that (Minnesota isn't fun in the winter with stick)

    This is the look I'm going for, tasteful yet sporty. No surfboard spoilers, no Wings.
    Just tasteful.

    As Civic owners is their anything you would suggest, or anything I should look for or avoid?

    Thanks for any input!

    This ONE

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    Keep the Blazer! Sorry, Im partial to Blazers as I own 3 of them. One of my trucks

    Theres a few different types of civics, 4 doors, 2 doors, or hatchbacks. Different trim models too, EX, DX, HX... They are pretty standard, I think the differnt models just have different options, 1.6L engines, although some have VTEC, like the Civic Si models.

    The links you provided just redirect me to the homepage.
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    yah, the links don't point to any specific cars. what year are you looking at? and what price range?

    it might be worth your while to look for one that already has an engine swap, if that's something you're looking for. the price won't be much different, and it'll be cheaper than paying for a swap later. stock engines will be 100-140hp or so. with a basic swap, you can get into 160-220+hp, NA. if you're looking for stock, i'd recommend atleast an EX, Si if you can get it.

    edit- i got the link to work. the first car looks like a fairly stock EX. custom wheels, of course. the second one, the black one, is in ghetto pre-rice mode. lots of cheap, useless mods. ugly fogs, cheap sidemarker, the increasingly popular $2 "gutter guard" mesh grille, clear signals, no doubt cheap exhaust upgrades, and lowering springs, but no mention of new struts. not good.

    you might get more results here.

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    I own a 99 Civic Sedan, Bought it used in 2001. I haven't had any problems at all with it except for the stock header cracking which allowed me to buy a new kamikaze 4-1 header. Any way, I think 4drs look better and they have more room. Here's a few pics of my car And btw I think your makin a good choice in gettin a honda gas savers and easy to find parts for em. Good luck on findin the right car.

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    Just keep in mind that Civics tend to be high on the theft list, esp. if you plan to mod your car. They are great cars though. I'd recommend the 4 door too, for security reasons.

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    definently dont get that car that you just showed though, that guy seems a little bit sketchy
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    That civic is hawt. I would recommend a 99-00 Civic SI (for some speed ). The engine in the SI has some serious potential and moves quick already. If not the SI, then go for any coupe after 92. My preference is the 92-95 coupes.

    Also, if you're not going for an SI, then try to get an EX, they have slightly more powerful engines. If you're wondering, the Trim goes like this from worst to best: CX DX LX EX SI.
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    Well it seems that some people were able to access the pages, and some were not. Not that important. I do however appreciate any and all advice before I spend all of my financial aid on this....hee hee. I really not worried about theft, since I do have insurance and I live in a really good neighborhood. I'm not to concern with speed, but may change things if it's not as quick as I would like it to be. However I would like to to look somewhat classy. With body kits, are they hard to install? Do they need to be painted prior them being put on, or can you order them the same color of you car and then just put them on? Or do they need to be put on and then have your whole car painted?

    I'll be going for and ex or SI....hopefully I can get an automatic...

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    I own an accord. Check out

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    I own a 2001 2dr Honda Civic EX. no mods, nada. only really "custom" thing is the optional factory spolier and the multiple stickers:

    the dash is almost a full 2 DIN, and I am able to do fold out and head unit with no problems.
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