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Thread: Stealthy surfing at work?

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    Hell, my boss sends me jokes Then again, the software company I work for bought the workers beer for fathers day 2 years ago

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    there are ways admins can find out even ssh tunnels. all they look for is the desintation of the traffic.. and if they are wise to this "company" offering ssh tunnels.. then its obvious. I know a lot of friends that do all their personal interneting at work through ssh tunnels and it works just fine.
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    not sure yet.
    Well they know your sn on here.
    Getting fired for a joke, well, is no joke thats just messed up.
    Just tell everyone to sshhhhhhh

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    On the computer

    VPN to home computer?

    I VPN to my home connection, and use remote desktop. I'm the Sys Admin, so I am the monitor, but this hides it from the ISP.
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    The new guy has a great idea. I use remote access all the time. Hmm...

    My job, doesn't care as long as it's before work or at lunch. My old one... you had to be sneaky. And then, I didn't get caught only because the tech guys weren't looking for it or didn't care enough to track me down.

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    I tell every one to use a "private proxy" when surfing from work, even if they're just checking the traffic - and for sure, if they are reading on a daily basis.

    I use www.NOIP.NU as they are the best. Others are out there just check google.

    In google search for "anonymous surfing". The free servicesare slow and restrict things like flash and the paid services are faster. has a free poxy thats lets users visit any web sites without leaving a footprint, its good, the paid service is much much better. I have been with them for years.

    good luck. dont get sacked.

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