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Thread: My friend needs some help.

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    My friend needs some help.

    My friend = g/f's sister...

    She thinks her psycho ex is accessing her email. She uses MSN/Hotmail and it notified her of her last log on. Which was not on her PC... She has changed her password, yet still gets the message.

    He's one of those really smart guys with a lot of time on his hands and a mean streak. She has a restraining order against him which, includes internet stalking now (if I understood what one of our other friends were saying). We set up ZoneAlarm, just incase he was getting into her PC since she wasn't running a firewall... Atleast this way we can catch the IP if he does try to get through that way.

    Does MSN have someplace other than Hotmail Support she can contact? Previous history with Support and myself on other issues have not been satisfactory.

    If not Support what golf club do you recomend for a good beating?

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    If you think the PC she uses has been compromised, I would recommend re-installing from scratch, as well as fully patching, installing a firewall and setting secure passwords on the system, and using different passwords for each different email account, web site passwords etc.

    If she can, I would recommend she dumps the hotmail account and sets up another - initially from a secure PC that is known not to be compromised from.

    Sadly the cost of investigating these crimes doesn't make it worth it for the law enforcement bodies, so I wouldn't expect much help from them - even if you get his IP.

    I would also recommend that if she has unwittingly got a static IP, or one with a long lease that she contact the ISP and make sure it is changed immediately while you re-install the machine.
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    Alright... I can help her with that.

    As far as law enforcement goes. If we can catch his IP, she's got a guy on the force back home that might be able to help.

    Thanks for the advice.

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    law enforcement isn't gonna do anything by an ex bf breaking into her email. Its a waste of their time.. just tell her to setup a firewall.. scan her system.. and change passwords
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