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Thread: Exchange Defrag Problem

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    Exchange Defrag Problem

    I need to do an offline defrag of my exchange database but it the pub1.edb is 93Gb and the priv1.edb is 33Gb. According to Microsoft, I need to have a space free at least twice the size of the database I am goind to defrag. My question is, can I use an external USB hard drive to accomplish this? Thanks guys.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    You could always copy the data bases to another drive, and then copy them back again.
    I'm thinking he's talkingh about an internal db defrag, not just a file defrag.
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    You should be able to use an external drive.
    I think I remember I even ran eseutil on another server, which had enough free space, and copied the db's back over afterwards. Just copy the db('s) to your external drive (or put in an IDE-drive (+ controller if you only have scsi) for speed, it's offline anyway!) and run eseutil on those db('s). Just copy them back over when completed.


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