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Thread: sleep timer for lcd projector

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    sleep timer for lcd projector

    i recently purchased a lcd projector to watch movies in my room, which doesnt have a sleep timer. now to save the life of the projector globe, im thinking to build or buy a pre-made timer device that would have 5 or 12v dc input and a simple button trigger (1-2 sec) output. the unit could be powered by my pc's PSU, and the button trigger hooked up to the power button in the projector unit. i cant simply have the power cut-off on the projector as it will damage the globe if it isnt properly cooled down. as the projector is connected to my pc for dvb tv, dvd, etc, my pc remote i can program to shutdown the pc after so ever many minutes, which should then trigger the projector off button. then the projector shutsdown and eventually turns completely off after 30-60sec.
    does anyone know of such a device, or can give any advise on what parts i would need to build this unit, as i dont know that much on real technical electronics..

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    Umm - doesn't the projector have some sort of delayed shut-off feature? The projectors I've used will shut off the bulb but keep the fans running for a little while until the bulb cools down.

    I suppose you could use some sort of time-delay relay.

    Good luck



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