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Thread: Wireless Network Capacity and Uptime

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    Wireless Network Capacity and Uptime

    Hi all,
    I'm setting up a wi-fi bridge between two buildings using a couple of Buffalo 54G Bridge/Routers and some directional 12dbi antennas. This is to replace an expensive and slow ISDN leased line connection. However, this is at work so is kind of important. Therefore I want to test the connection over a 3 or 4 weeks. Basically I want to report signal strength and or througput over time, to see if the link ever drops out or if it drops to an unworkable speed. Can anyone suggest some suitable software to carry this out.
    Totally off topic, but I reckon you guys can answer anything .
    I guess it could be useful for a carputer if you had a network in your car you wanted to join it to a network in your house, as long as you always parked in the same spot and don't mind having a 12" white pringle tube sticking out the top of your car .

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    If you want something extremly simple setup a ping command to a txt file

    ping target -t >test.txt

    Netstubler is another way, but i dont know how good it is for long time monitoring.


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