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Thread: I done got crashed into!!

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    I done got crashed into!!

    Well sitting at a red light Friday night a Pontiac Firebird making a turn coming my way fish tailed and want all the way around and then rammed my driver side door.

    I knew she was going to do it because I saw the whole thing.. I was just hoping she could stop in time but nope... She slid right into my door.

    It was totally her fault and the cops came and her insurance is going to cover it.. My problem / question is..

    I got mods in that door!! The biggest question is that I did the keypad mod which took me a long time and was very nerve rackinng to do... I'm pretty sure the whole door is going to need replaced in which case all my hard work goes with it... Has anyone ever had something similar happen to them? I mean they can't order a door with that already cut in because that option isn't there for a Ranger.

    Would the body shop do it? If not... Should I try and get some extra money? If I took it somewhere to get done it would probably have costed at least $200 (parts + install).

    Any thoughts??

    Pics of the keypad mod here.
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    ths is a tricky one as it is a mod to car you are claiming on her insurance it shouldn't matter as if it was your own i imagine you would have had to declare it. Also it is a security feature so i guess it is not like some silly whale-tail spoiler you have bolted on. I would go and get some quotes from places you know about in your area inclding the keypad fitting and send them to her insurance. I have seen people over here take cars to tuning places and geting bodykits fitted on the insurance and either paying the extra or getting it covered fully by the insurance as the tuning place and the bodykit was cheaper than the original bumpers fitted at an approved bodyshop or at a main dealer. The insurance quote will normally be top dollar from a dealer crash repair centre so shop around and see if you can get a similar quote including you mod and negotiate with her insurance.


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    If you have keyless entry already, they make a "remote" version of that keypad now. It sticks on the door, on the outside, and when the right keys are pressed, it sends a signal just like your keyfob.

    I would say that you need to take it to the best body shop you can, and explain that the new door needs to be cut the same as what you had on there. Shouldnt make a huge difference in price anyway, but those big body shops will put the hurt on their insurance company and should be able to fit the cost in somewhere. In Oregon, you have the right to go wherever you want, not sure if other states are that way or not. Worth a try!
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    The purpose of insurance is to make you 'Whole' meaning as you where before the claim. When dealing with the insurance company mention something like this:
    Your insured damaged my property, I need to be made whole.
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    I think the 'whole' as the insurance company understands it, is to OEM specifications. Therefore any MOD would not count unless specific MOD was declared to the insurance company, and listed on the insurance policy.

    Although I guess you could claim some of the 'contents' were damaged, and as long as you have contents covered you should be able to claim that way.

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    Please don't take this as making light of your work, but it seems you've already done a lot of the work. To put this in a new door, couldn't you just make a template of what's already there and apply it to the new door?? I'm sure any good body man with a diegrinder and some slight mud would be able to get that no problem.

    I understand that you're trying to get her insurance company to recognize your work, but as said before, I think you'll run into the OEM thing. Sometimes you even have to fight insurance companies to use OEM parts instead of cheap knock-offs. Just be sure to get with a good body shop that'll hook you back up right.

    Sorry to hear about your accident. Just hope the insurance company doesn't screw you. Somewhat doubt they will. Usually when it's totally the other persons fault, they would just love to fix your car, have you sign and be done with it. I had an accident that was totally the other persons fault and the way they were talking to me on the phone just told me they were hoping I wouldn't get any 'pains' in my neck all of the sudden.

    Good luck.
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    State of Ohio, he only has to go to one shop too.

    I'm not sure if they will cover it. You could always try though. Like they said, they could probably squeeze it in the cost somewhere.

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