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Thread: Rant against the laziness of UPS

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    Quote Originally Posted by kandyman676
    ugh, i hate the freaking postal service. esp. having to wait in line at the post office!

    I personally use FedEx for my ebay selling's shipping. their online system is great, and delivery is predictable. I always perfer to use them at work over UPS. I could tell stories and stories about the crap UPS tries to get away with, but I just woke up. I do over $5million in hardware purchases for the company I work for, so when I want it to be delivered on time, its FedEx. if i don't give a ****, then UPS.
    Yea i have had it with UPS i have a account with them shipped like $20 worth and they "supposidly" sent me a bill to pay... well 6 weeks later from whe i shipped it i got a bill with a $5 late fee on it, i call them up tell them i never got the first bill and take the fee off "Im sorry we cant take late fees off, you should have paid it when you got the first bill"... So from now on its all FedEx.
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    I work for them

    I work for UPS. I hear all the things you guys are talking about on a daily basis. I'm not posting this to condem or defend them, im posting to let you guys know why some of the policies (as i was taught) are in place.. whether you are the receiver or the shipper I've worked for places that I knew were **** establishments to do business with, and i can honestly say that looking at them as a consumer and knowing all their policies, UPS isn't that bad at all.

    Skipjacks: If you have your trcking # and call 1-800-pick-ups, you can change the delivery address, schedule future delivery date, have held for same day pick up. Drivers cant just go home early whenever they want. Every pkg that doesnt get delivered by the guaranteed date, gets a scan that indicates the driver didnt deliver it, and why it wasnt delivered which intern guarantees the receiver a total refund on shipping. Too many of those, and the driver isnt working for UPS too long. there are only two things that will void a refund if pkg is late. Weather delay and random customs and/or government security inspections.

    doctorr: guaranteed delivery date is in place as soon as the label is printed, every day the pkg is not given to us is one more day ahead the delivery date goes. shippers love to blame this one on us.

    A fiew tips that most wont give a **** about, but hopefully, a couple can use.

    1. if possible, get every pkg shipped to a business. residential commit times for ground pkg's are 09:00-end of day. business commit times for ground is 09:00-closing hours.

    2. Alot of shippers these days are opting for "signature required on delivery in person". Cant be left at all without being handed to someone and signed for. If you are having any pkgs shipped to a duplex, apartment, business (anything thats not a house ) a sig is automaticly required. if you want it left at any of the above without a signature. you need the shipper to put a shipper release sticker on pkg.

    3. Danm near anything can be done with the 1-800 #. just remember that the people you are talking to are working stiffs just like everybody. Theres only so much **** we can do. Instead of screaming or demeaning the person, just ask for a supervisor. Most of us dont come to work with the sole intent of ******* up your day. I wouldnt work there if I couldnt help or solve most of the problems that come up.
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